EFormance Engineering

EFormance Engineering was started in 2003. The business is owned by Perry Harrington, a long time tinkerer with experience in computers, electronics, automotive, and machining.

Our mission is to provide engineering and production services to help companies and individuals meet their goals.

Examples of the kinds of work we do:

  • Motorcycle fabrication (subframes, repairs, custom machined covers, welding)
  • Product engineering (review drawings and suggest enhancements or simplifications to meet goals)
  • Design (take concepts and create designs to meet customer needs)
  • Machine shop services (rework existing parts, modify or build new parts)
  • CNC retrofits, conversions, and repair (update older iron to new control or build a new system)
  • CNC machining of custom parts (brackets, covers, manifold spacers, accessory drives, adapters)
  • Repairs and welding (some sheet metal work, automotive parts, machinery)

If you want to know if we can build you something, just ask! We will look at anything and tell you if we can build it, make it, or improve it!

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