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1997 GSXR-750 project: build a fairing bracket

The customer came to the shop wanting a new fairing support bracket for his ex-race GSXR-750. The bike had seen a few falls (after all, it was a race bike) and the Graves fairing bracket had seen better days.

Before entering the shop, the customer researched several options, but he decided a custom subframe was the ultimate solution.

His options were limited to the stock subframe or a race-only subframe. Both choices were unappealing, the stock bracket has a support which attaches at the front of the tank and arches over the triple clamps, while the race pieces don't have mounts for stock headlights.

Construction of the subframe required a couple revisions to fit the stock GSXR gauges and headlamp. The space between the controls and the gauge face is very small, leaving very little room for them.

The solution was to design an asymetrical subframe to accomodate the asymetrical gauges. In the end, the subframe bolts to the fairing via 2 bolts below, has rubber isolated mounts for the headlight, and locates the fairing snugly over the headlight, with stable mounts for the mirrors.

The frame weighs between 1.5 and 2 pounds.

Completed front of bike

Completed dash

Dash and subframe without fairing

Closeup view of subframe

Subframe without fairing

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